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Carbon Dioxide is a time proven clean agent. Non conductive CO2 is particulary effective in confined areas, where there is a risk from flammable liquids, being non-toxic and leaving no residue CO2 will not harm food, fabrics, machinery or electrical equipment.

Quality extinguishers manufactured to European Standard BS EN3 under a strictly controlled quality system to ISO 9001:2000. 

Kite Marked, CE Marked and carry BAFE Approval

Sizes Available: 2 & 5Kg

Co2 Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher 1 Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher 2



       It is a non corrosive gas, does not contain any solid material making it very clean extinguishing agent.

       It does not conduct electricity.

      It does not leave any kind of residue. Co2 fire extinguishers are great for use in kitchens as they have less risk of contaminating food preparation areas.

       Has the longest service life of most extinguishers, 10 years before an extended service will need to be carried out.




X        Co2 is the most toxic gas when it comes to human health. It is a highly suffocating gas, whose concentration of even 9% in the breathing air would make a person unconscious within minutes, special consideration should be taken before installing in confined spaces.

X       Co2 fire extinguishers can extinguish flammable liquid fires but are not suitable for use on flammable solids, flammable gasses or cooking fat fires.

X        Very loud when used and a untrained person may think the extinguisher is not working correctly.

X        If used incorrectly frost burns can result.

X       Not field refillable, has to be returned to a refilling depot, so most companies use an exchange cylinder service that can be quite expensive.

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