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Dry powder extinguishers are ideal for use against class A, B & C fires. Highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids which makes them ideal for vehicle protection. A good all-rounder makes dry powder an excellent choice for both industrial and domestic premises

Quality extinguishers manufactured to European Standard BS EN3 under a strictly controlled quality system to ISO 9001:2000. 

Kite Marked, CE Marked and carry BAFE Approval

Sizes Available: 1,2,4,6,9 & 12Kg (12Kg Unit is Special Order)

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

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       Quick Knockdown - Dry powder, when correctly applied and at the required application rate, has the ability to ensure an initial quick knockdown of the fire.

       Non-Conductor of Electricity - Dry powder can safely be used at incidents where it is known or suspected that live electrical equipment is present.

      Good on Running Fuel Fires - Owing to its fire extinguishing action, dry powder, when used in conjunction with foam sprays, can be extremely effective when used on running fuel fires.

       Creates No Thermal Shock - Because the application of dry powder onto hot metal does not cause thermal shock, it is particularly useful for dealing with fires involving undercarriage assemblies.

       Good Heat Shield - The discharge of dry powder creates an effective shield against radiated heat. In cases where large quantities of powder are discharged, this has the potential to shield surrounding structures and personnel from the damaging effects of the fire.

       Wide Range Of Use Dry powder extinguishers can be used on class A,B and C Fires.

       Wide Temperature Range Typically can be used between -20oc to +60oc.

       Mass for mass the most effective fire-fighting medium.




X                     Visibility Problems - The application of dry powder and generation of a dense powder cloud will dramatically reduce the visibility of the operator so they may not be able to use vision to judge the effectiveness of the powder on the fire or may jeopardise escape in a fire.

X                    Can Cause Breathing Problems - If dry powder is inhaled it can irritate the respiratory organs. Whilst short term exposure is not considered to be harmful, repeated inhalation should be avoided.

X                    Leaves a Residue - Dry powder is a very messy extinguishing agent that will leave behind a residue that is corrosive to certain materials and because it is a find powder it can also be abrasive. Thoughtless use may lead to the powder causing more damage than the fire itself, using dry powder fire extinguishers in kitchens or offices as powder can contaminate food and inhibit the use of electrical components such as keyboards if discharged. Because of the properties of powder being very light and easily carried through the atmosphere dry powder extinguishers when discharged risk contamination over a wide area. 

X                    Poor Post Fire Security - Due to the smothering and chemical interference effect of dry powder, it will only remain effective whilst it is present in the atmosphere above the fuel.  Because it is a cloud of fine powder, particles of it can easily be dispersed by the wind, giving a very real danger of rapid re-ignition of fuel.

X                    Vulnerable To Packing Down Failure of extinguisher can result from the packing down of the powder within the extinguisher body, this problem is associated more with cartridge operated extinguishers.  This can be a particular problem on vehicle mounted equipment as the vehicle vibration will cause the powder to compress under its own weight.  Regular maintenance routines are essential; to prevent failure of equipment at a crucial time.   .                  

X                     Usage & Location Because of the disadvantages above dry powder extinguishers should only be found in industrial settings and where no alternative fire extinguisher mediums are suitable.  They should not be found in offices, flats ect.

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