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Portable fire extinguisher inspection is a legal requirement and is usually carried out every twelve months, the idea behind it is to ensure that not only the extinguisher will work correctly if required, but also to ensure it will work safely.  An extinguisher that fails to work could cost a lot more than the few pounds it would have cost to have it inspected.


Medway Fire Protections engineers are fully qualified to the requirements laid out in BS 5306pt3:2009, would you let a non qualified mechanic loose on your car? So why would you let a non-qualified person inspect such a important piece of safety equipment?  Fire Alarm engineers in general are not extinguisher technicians, but it is getting more and more common for these engineers to just sign labels to make themselves a few quid, at the end of the day you are responsible for your health and safety and failing to ensure the person you get to carry out extinguisher maintenance is actually qualified will rest on your shoulders in the event of an incident. 


All extinguishers at some time have to be discharge tested and recharged (also known as extended service), we can carry this out on site, so causing very minimal disruption to your business. Refilling is carried out in accordance with BS 6643.


All our engineer's carry a copy of the required British Standards, you don't have to rely on just what you’re told needs doing and why, we can show you there and then.


There have been various updates to many Standards over the years.  The classic term 'its not a BS EN3 extinguisher' is no reason for it having to be replaced, that's just someone trying to sell you a new extinguisher. Not all standards are retrospective, so do not apply to older equipment.


Medway fire is here to serve you not to sell to you!!

Extended Service Collar Extinguisher Technician
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We are currently one of the only companies in the South East who have adopted the service collar introduction. Ever wondered if that extinguisher has actually been refilled? Well with collars that are colour coded for extended service year identity, you can tell if the valve has been off. Ask your current company why they are not using them, they cost pennies yet prove work has been carried out
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