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Water extinguishers are ideal for use against class A fires involving wood, paper, textiles, sugar, leaves and other class A risks.

Quality extinguishers manufactured to European Standard BS EN3 under a strictly controlled quality system to ISO 9001:2000. 

Kite Marked, CE Marked and carry BAFE Approval

Environmently friendly

Sizes Available: 6 & 9 Litre

Water Fire Extinguisher2 Water Fire Extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguishers


To help customers make informed judgments about the selection of the best extinguishing media for specific operational circumstances, an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each is essential. In respect of water extinguishers




       Cost - Cheap to buy and refill

      Cooling Effect - Excellent surface penetration and cooling properties, which helps to rapidly reduce the flames.

      Environmentally Friendly Medium Plain water and nitrogen poses no threat to the environment or operator.




X       Limits Of Use - Water extinguishers can only be used on solid combustibles, such and wood, paper and textiles.

X       Temperature Restriction - As it uses plain water as its extinguisher medium it is liable freeze at low temperatures, Even with low freeze additive still only use in temperature down to 10oc.

Danger If used On Wrong Class Of Fire Conducts electricity and is also highly volatile when used on flammable liquid fires, must not be used on class D (metal fires)
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